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Join the Tennessee Simulation Alliance.

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Former TN SIM Fellow

“Having the opportunity to first join the Tennessee Simulation Alliance was invaluable to me as a new simulation educator in Tennessee. The alliance members and board were so willing to provide mentorship as well as introduce me to other educators in Tennessee, which over the years resulted in multiple collaborative opportunities.”

Membership Includes:

  • Access to website and protected resource materials

  • Links to previous virtual event recordings and images

  • Membership and directory list

  • Formatting templates for scenarios, policy and procedure manuals, standardized patient case information, and basic simulation evaluations

  • Blog and community posting for all members

  • Simulation position listings and posts from local healthcare education centers

  • Notification of news & events from TNSA and other larger organizations

Click the button below for new and renewal applications.

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The TN Simulation Alliance is an affiliate organization of the Tennessee Hospital Association. Therefore, the relationship between THA and TNSA is for secretarial and treasurer purposes, as the Sim Alliance is managed by a small group of volunteer board members from across the state. THA often assists with conference and event planning, and is the host organization for the TN Sim Alliance.

Former TN SIM Fellow

I joined TNSA to network with other simulationists who I could learn from and share with.  It provided me a "family" of people who shared the same passion for providing quality simulation experiences for my students.  TNSA is an organization at the local level that I do not feel lost in and I actually know people by name and workplace to reach out to.


TN SIM Alliance Life

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